Armenian Genocide Denial

Kim Kardashian condemns Wall Street Journal for denying Armenian genocide in New York Times ad.

armenian genocide

It is fashionable to knock the Kardashians for being no talent exploiters of popular culture. This makes it easer to ignore them when they focus on pithier topics. Like the Armenian Genocide for instance.

Money talks, and right now it’s talking shit“, writes Kim Kardashian West, a famous member of the Kardashian family, a group many find it fashionable to hate.

However, Kardashian-West’s blog post is actually focussing on issue greater than herself or her many interests in entertainment, fashion or beauty. It is focussing on the Armenian Genocide also known as the Armenian Holocaust, the Ottoman government’s systematic extermination of 1.5 million Armenians, mostly citizens within the Ottoman Empire and its successor state, the Republic of Turkey.

WSJ Armenian Genocide Denial

“My family and I are no strangers to BS in the press”, continues KKW. “We’ve learned to brush it off. Lies make good headlines, good headlines make great covers and great covers sell magazines. But when I heard about this full-page ad that ran in the Wall Street Journal denying the Armenian genocide, I couldn’t just brush it off.”

The Wall Street Journal ad itself features the bland message “Truth = Peace” and a peace sign. Its purpose seem designed to deny that the historical occurrence of the Armenian Holocaust. The ad disputes the number of those killed and lay the blame for the deaths on the Armenian themselves.

Armenian Genocide History

History, in fact, confirms that these events did actually happen but for the WSJ to allow this ad with its obvious propaganda angle, to run and to profit from it, is questionable to say the least.

“It’s one thing when a shitty tabloid profits from a made-up scandal” reasons KKW, “but for a trusted publication like WSJ to profit from genocide—it’s shameful and unacceptable.”

Even if you hate the Kardashians, surely no one can disagree with KKW’s central point that the WSJ erred by publishing this ad?

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