Boxing Life Imitating Real Life

It’s amazing sometimes how sporting life imitate real life.

Boxing Life Imitating Real Life

In boxing, just as in life, you cannot take anything for granted. As you blink just one upset or something unexpected can upturn your expectations. The earthquake in Nepal is a sad, tragic example. So far 6,621 dead and counting.

Just one punch is all that’s needed to spring a surprise result tonight, so take nothing for granted. Which actually sounds like a manifesto of what our novel approach and attitude to life should be. Thus, in a sense, boxing is like a metaphor of life. That’s just one way of looking at it.

Another is just to think of it as a wicked, barbaric, dangerous sport where two men knock seven bells out of each other. Either way, you pays your money and takes your choice. My money’s on Mayweather. If he loses this would automatically trigger a rematch. Kerching! Another chance to make more money.

This is where the life analogy fails. Boxing may give you an opportunity to do it all again, but life is not so generous.

This is why we cannot take anything for granted.

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