Checking Out At The Aldi Checkout

Checking out at the Aldi checkout is a pleasure and that’s not just because their food are so good and their prices are so low, either.

Checking Out At The Aldi Checkout

Checking out at the Aldi checkout can sometimes spring happy surprises. I do not know what the odds are or what to call it when I finally arrive at the checkout at Aldi and find I have drawn the most beautiful checkout assistant from Somalia not once, but twice! As I approached her the second time her face brightens and her smile almost dazzled me.

I then say something to the effect of “Whoa, what are the odds of getting you again?” And she goes, “I know, right!” before adding that she remembered me from my last visit, which is a bit weird because my last visit was three weeks ago.

If you are not familiar with Aldi, let me share this. They are a German-owned mega-store that has been giving the usual British supermarkets stiff competition by presenting customers with good quality food for much cheaper.

Aldi Checkout Style

They have proven so successful at this that ALL the other supermarkets like Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Asda and Morrisons, are all copying their low markdowns but still failing to match Aldi’s marketing gnu.

Aldi, along with their fellow German company Lidl, have cornered the market and they have the supermarket chains quaking in the boots. The one drawback, from a customer point of view, for being so successful is that checkout queues are longer, much longer than usual.

Aldi’s lines are usually very long, but move quickly. There are around 14 checkouts at the nearest Aldi to me. Even with all of them staffed, the customer line snakes all around the shop, almost overlapping, with upwards of 60 or more people in the line.

Anyway, I think this Pretty Somalian (I do know her name – it is on the name badge on her uniform – but I am being discreet) was just being polite because how could she remember me from the hundreds of people that must have passed checkout since my last visit. Still, it is great she remembered my face, somehow.

Let me know your best supermarket experience.

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