Correct Way To Write A Hashtag

Writing a correct hashtag is easy but not everyone know what exactly what one is, much less how to use it effectively.


There is only one way to write a correct hashtag. You’ve probably guessed it already: it’s the correct hashtag way!

Just in case you’re new on the planet or don’t know much less that it has even been added to the Oxford English Dictionary, let me explain.

A hashtag simply refers to the pound or hash symbol #.

Birth and use of the hashtag

That all changed in 2007 when Twitter began to use the hashtag as a method of indexing keywords to help facilitate good search results for it. Since then, most every social media site has been leveraging hashtags for that same purpose.

Fun fact: The first hashtag ever used in this way was #barcamp. It was posted by Chris Messina, a product designer and internet consultant.

Hashtags are, of course, a great way to:

  • Build your company’s brand
  • Boost a marketing campaign
  • Keep in touch with your audience

Hashtag rules to observe

When getting started with using hashtags for your own purposes, consider these important rules:

  • Always use the # before your chosen keywords.
  • Do not use punctuation or spaces in hashtags. If there are numerous keywords in a hashtag, #theyshouldallflowtogether in one fluid phrase.
  • Never put characters immediately before the #. For example, it wouldn’t be: news#WorldCup. Instead, you’d write: #WorldCupNews
  • Use letters and numbers, never numbers alone. Using all numbers like #1 will not generate a positive search but #No1insports will.
  • Keep it brief! Some people use too many words in a hashtag. Use the most distinguishable keywords or phrase as possible.

More info

If you need personal advice or a solution on making hashtags work for you please contact me.

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