Dirty Note

Running into discrimination at the supermarket checkout.

Ten pound note.

Yesterday, a cashier in a well known supermarket took it upon himself to examine a crisp £10 note I had taken out of a cash machine moments before to pay for my groceries.

There was a very long line of people snaking around the floor, many watching the till area where I was. So, the guy lifted the new note to the light, used a special pen to write something on it, passed it over a scanner, then held it up to the light again.

All the while I am waiting patiently, watching him perform his task. Eventually, he is satisfied and gives me change which includes a £5 note in used condition. So, I took the £5 and held it up the light. Then I asked him politely if he wouldn’t mind changing it because it was too dirty and used.

He grumbled about me holding up the queue but nevertheless changed it, all the while grumbling. When he finally gave me a cleaner note I said: “If it was good for Moses and Aaron. If it was good for David and Solomon, Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, then it is good enough for I…”

Then I walked away leaving him with a baffled look on his face.

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