Facebook Limit Message Reach

Ever commented on a hot topic on your Facebook page but notice a really small response?

Facebook Limit Message Reach

You’ve been wondering whether Facebook limit message reach, haven’t you? Go on, be honest: you know you have!

You have noticed and wondered why only some of your Facebook posts get a lot of people responding to them while others fly by in the wind. Well, wonder no more.

The reality is that Facebook actually and deliberately filter your messages’ exposure to people who like your page. They openly admit that only 16% of these posts is seen by your friends.

According to Facebook around 16 percent of your friends will see a post you share. The same is true of a band, organization or company’s fan page.


The actual number varies according to several factors, such as how often viewers return to Facebook. And if a user has only a handful of friends, she is more likely to see a higher share of the content that those people post.

“That’s the average across all posts from all profiles and all pages of all different audience sizes and all different networks,” said Chris Cox, Facebook’s vice president of product. “For any given post or given profile owner, you might see a totally different number, but this [number] is to present an order of magnitude.”

This means if you have 500 friends and post a message, only 80 will see your page. Why do you think they have made it like that?

Obviously, Facebook is running this as a business and like any other business, the bottom line is you have to generate profit. But, could there may be other reasons why they filter messages? Could it be a way to stop very popular sites from spreading adverse information across its network?

Your guess is probably just about as good as mine! Who really knows?!

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