Facejobs ain’t what they used to be! But, let’s be honest, that has never stopped anyone from trying to improve upon nature…


Some of the facejobs we’re seeing on some celebrities shouldn’t really be called ‘facelifts’ at all. They should be called face elevators!

My apology for that joke. But, it is no joke when the attempt to improve on nature goes badly wrong.

The worst case facejob we know about is the case of Donatella Versace, sister of slain fashion designer Gianni Versace who had a series of facejob surgeries since the 1990s. Her most noticeable changes have been to her nose and lips.

These trademark swollen smackers have scored her a spot on nearly every list of plastic surgery faux pas over the past few years but she has never given any indication how she feels about it.

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