Fifteen Going Onto Ninety Two!

At 15 I felt like fifteen going onto ninety two and I made a vow that I would never allow myself to grow old. Let me explain…

Fifteen Going Onto Ninety Two

Some people would say I was fifteen going onto ninety two, when I was young! It was roughly the same time, at around age 15, that I made a promise that I would never grow ‘old’. Let me explain.

I have always been aware of ‘old people’ who once they reach a certain age they declare certain things that they wouldn’t do.

Fifteen Going Onto Ninety Two Sex Drought

Things like have fun, go out, stop having sex and outlawing anything which they consider to be ‘young people’s stuff’. I hated that idea then. I hate it now. I will never grow old in spirit even if my age increase.

In fact, it would rather be fun to be still making love at age 92!

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