Hackers Don’t Sleep, Neither Should You

Hackers are awake when you are asleep. You cannot afford to set your security system up then forget. You always have to be vigilant.


Hackers, they are never asleep. Every single hour I get nearly 100 users trying to hack into one of my websites. The actual number is 91. I am actually counting. Or, at least, my monitoring system is doing its job. The top five countries from which these hackers come are China, USA, Thailand, Indonesia and Hong Kong.

I want to say something witty like: “I don’t have any problems with them VietCongs” but it seems like they have a problem with me. I’m not taking it personally because they are not targeting me specifically; just my system, my computer and network. For us, the business of online security is an on-going, ever vigilant one.

We hope to perfect a setup where we can ‘set it and forget it‘ but, unfortunately, we are mindful that hackers do not sleep. Neither does the internet. Bedtime for me is rising in another part of the world where hackers live. The ‘war’ between them and us is a never-ending one.

On the consumer level you install applications with names like Nortons, Avast, 360 Total Security, Comodo and a number of others. However, they still need tweaking, monitoring and adjusting where necessary.


Hackers seem to target the Windows platform the most. Windows and Microsoft technologies seem to attract the largest number of hackers. They are used by the most number of users. On a computer running Linux or Apple operating system, the hacking is negligible. Or, at least, it used to be. However, ‘used-to-be’ doesn’t count any more.

For one thing Linux and the Mac technologies are not as popular as Windows. For another, though this is a hot point for discussion, they are built better. They also have a different, more robust philosophy on security from the get go.

You can fortify your Windows system with excellent security but these come as additional packages you have to buy. With Linux there are literally thousands of free applications that are either automatically updated or come as standard in the software build.

I cannot stress how important it is to keep your drivers and operating system up to date. Here, you can set it to automatically update. This works even when you’re asleep. Which is what you somehow wish hackers would do too.

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