History Forges Iron Lady Thatcher Story

For those who lived through the Thatcher years we do not have a gooey-eyed Iron Lady Thatcher Story to tell. In fact, in this case, we are glad “iron” doesn’t last forever…

Margaret Thatcher close-up of Spitting Image puppet.

We are eye-witnesses watching as history forges Iron Lady Thatcher story. Yet, I do not do celebration over the death of other people. Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher who died of a stroke today, aged 87, is no exception.

Some have already broken out the champagne. Others are planning “the bitch is dead” celebration parties. Her death is probably the start of her ascension to an even higher level of public love/hate consciousness as history forges Iron Lady Thatcher story.

Spitting Image Thatcher as History Forges Iron Lady Thatcher StoryWhatever else we may think of her, she made politics colourful. Even entertaining. Her Spitting Image puppet was among my favourite. The producers showed her forceful, dictatorial side and how she was more man than many other man in the same position. She needed to in the cut throat world of politics.

That wasn’t exactly a positive thing. You either liked her or hated her. Either way you remembered her. At least you knew where you stood with her. That takes courage or a single-minded coldness that earned her the nickname ‘Iron Lady‘.

This ‘fearless’, couldn’t give a damned attitude, obviously made her the enemy of many. Take your pick from thousands miners, blacks, minorities, working class and others. She polarized Britain in directions it has seldom seen.

Unjust Wars Yet History Forges Iron Lady Thatcher Story

She presided over unnecessary wars and instigated policies against the wish of many. And yet people, led by the press (a Soviet journalist called Captain Yuri Gavrilov in a Red Army newspaper in fact), still joyfully daubed her the ‘Iron Lady’ as a scathing attack of her view against his country. But, Thatcher wore it as a badge of honour, one forged in everlasting, solid metal.

Of course, nothing lasts forever and since the ‘Iron Lady’ has now melted and will eventually become food for the worms (pity those poor critters’ trying to ingest this), it is interesting to think how history will remember her. She has already had one motion picture Hollywood film portraying her life made. Maybe that is an indication. History always seem to remember the colourful tyrants, the vicious, heartless dictators alongside its valiant heroes.

History, it seems, doesn’t care whether you are good or bad as long as you have done things it can remember you by. Now, all is set as history forges Iron Lady Thatcher story. In Margaret Thatcher history has probably lucked out: she has done a lot of things.

Mainly bad. At least in the eyes of her many enemies. Either way, even she could not escape the final fatal sting of death…

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