Minding My Own Business

Minding my own business looks at identifying people with mental illness among us.

Fuchsia coloured Ugg boots.

Take a look around you, there may well be many people who are not well among you. Often, the only time you will know someone is mentally unwell is when they do something strange. By then it might be too late.

Last night I saw a woman out walking in her Ugg-styled ‘boots’. If you are not familiar with these, they are fashionable footwear items that look like bedside slippers. I wonder if they are short for ‘ugly’. They look so impractical outdoors that I often wonder if their creator woke up one morning and thought how funny it would be if you could wear my bedside slippers to work!

Anyway, these boots were pinkish purple – fuchsia was just too posh a term to use for this frayed and tatty pair. The woman, she seemed in her early 30s, was literally dragging her heels so that her Uggs made a sound on the pavement. This is what initially caught my attention. Then I saw she was wearing a purple wig and had on what looked like nightclothes. She saw me and for the briefest of moments, our eyes clicked. It looked as if there was nobody home. I looked away and went on my business…

On the way back home, I saw the same person again, still deliberately dragging her feet as she walked. It occurred to me that she wanted some attention but was just not getting it. She saw me first and walked up to a minor street light that had an A5 poster advertising an upcoming stage show pasted onto it. The time was around 9:45 pm. Darkness was in the sky. The light from a nearby shop provided enough illumination for her to see the poster but not enough to make out the small print.

I concluded she was either not right mentally or she was on something stronger than cigarette or wine. I wished her well.

That is in my mind of course…

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