My, How Time Does Float By

It’s amazing how quickly time has float on by.

My, How Time Does Float By 1

Back in the day or maybe it was more in the night, this song was a monster.

The Floaters had everybody deciding which was the best sign of the zodiac and was so ripe for rub-a-dubbing that by the end of dancing with your women you pretty much got paired with someone you felt understood you. :-). It was great fun, of course.

The music was silky smooth, as were the dance movements, fashion and everything else connected with this song and group.

We were primed for them but they seemed to drop off the face of the earth after this colossal hit. Today, nearly 40 years later, people still ask: “Whatever happened to the Floaters?”

I guess the quick answer is: they simply just floated on.

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