Rachel Dolezal CIA Spy?

Rachel Dolezal CIA Spy? That’s the theory of one journalist, Michael Conally who says her actions are a hand-in-glove fit for a spook’s qualification.

Will the real Rachel Dolezal please stand up, please stand up?

Rachel Dolezal CIA Spy? That’s right, I’ve just laid this out there. What you make of it is up to you.

I really do think Rachel Dolezal, that white woman who keeps insisting she identifies with black, is a CIA and/or FBI spy.

What we know about her is a hand in glove fit for a spook’s qualification.

In no particular order we can safely say:

  • She’s a compulsive, pathological liar.
  • She’s a mistress of disguise or “a master artist” according to her parents.
  • She’s been able to infiltrate two large black organisations and institutions (Howard University and NAACP).
  • She thinks quickly on her feet.

Incidentally, Howard University just happens to be the top institution from where the CIA seek recruits. And as a Director at the NAACP she would have had unprecedented scope for spying on the political activities of black people.

Rachel Dolezal CIA Spy Secrecy

Her web of secrecy and lies was only found out because her estranged parents, Ruthanne and Larry Dolezal – who backed up the claim with a copy of their daughter’s Rachel Dolezal birth certificate and photos – publicly outed her in the media.

Their description of her subterfuge is also telling. They said “Rachel is a master artist so she’s able to disguise herself and make her appearance look like any ethnicity.”

This is not a ringing endorsement or act of someone who lives on the acceptable side of ‘normal’. Rachel’s parents were soberly serious. Maybe they were trying to tell us, in a cryptic way, something else about their daughter: that she is a spy.

Rachel Dolezal CIA Spy? Yes! That’s just my theory anyway.


Rachel Anne Dolezal is an American civil rights activist and former Africana studies instructor. She was president of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) chapter in Spokane, Washington, from 2014 until June 15, 2015, when she resigned following allegations that she had lied about her racial identity and other aspects of her biography. In June 2015, Dolezal came to media attention when her white parents said publicly that Dolezal is a white woman passing as black.

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