Social Media Poor Grammar Intolerance

A tongue in cheek look at how some people make much ado about grammatical errors and communicating on social networks like Facebook.

Grammar intolerance

Some people have a very low grammar intolerance. From time to time, intermittently even, I see people showing irritation when others get into a tantrum over comprehension and use of grammar on Facebook. Why the fuss? What is more important: communicating the message, the message itself or the way it is delivered?

Whose sensibilities are offended whether you use there or their when you understand what is actually being said? Isn’t Facebook just another way of communicating and not an extension of an English class? Why are you so pedantic about getting everything absolutely right on Facebook when things are a shambles in your private life? Who gives you the power to be mandating that all written messages pass the examining boards‘ pass mark?

Of course it matters if you’re a doctor writing a prescription which must be accurately adhered to and applied to the patient. Sure it matters if you’re applying for a job or writing an academic thesis. But, this is Facebook, dammit! Just why are you creating a ‘problem’ when none really exist?

Good, clear communications happens when you understand each other.
Good communication happens when you make verbal, visual, aural, telepathic or other sensory contact with someone in a manner that they understand.

Good communication happens when you make verbal, visual, aural, telepathic or other sensory contact with someone in a manner that they understand. If both parties understand what each other is saying then that’s good communication. Period. Anything else above and beyond that then it starts to become a specialist arena.

If you want to see ‘perfect English’ clearly Facebook isn’t the best medium. And, don’t even get me started on the use of smileys acronyms, short-cuts, use of foreign languages, slang or even messages embedded with secret code and phrases only understood by those to whom they are aimed.

The upshot of all this is you’re making much ado about nothing. From you understand what’s been said then communication is complete. If someone is talking to you in a manner you don’t understand or even hate then you make your specific request to them to phrase things differently. Maybe in your eyes seeing street slang liberally applied to messages or seeing patois, creole or ‘broken English’ in someone’s message, is a sign that they somehow have a more inferior level of English knowledge.

Could it possibly be that the problem is really you and your need to control what others do or the environment you live in? or you secretly a policeman, teacher, bureaucrat or dictator who simply must have things your own way or you will blow up the world? Or do you see your role as ‘teacher’ inadequate unless you’re showing your greater superiority in the use of words and language? Please, do tell!

Set out your reasons below, use double spacing and write clearly and neatly between the lines. We are waiting for your treatise…

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