Squaring Impossible Circles

Squaring Impossible Circles is a commentary on the relationship between banks and consumers highlighting how it is impossible for ‘a good thing’ to last.

Squaring the circle is not possible.

Squaring the circle is impossible. That, however, has not stopped generations of people from trying! The idea that you can use the same circumference of a circle and turn it into a square is the meaning of squaring the circle. Today, that phrase has come to mean trying to achieve the impossible.

Every day a number of people types, even without the knowledge or aid of science or mathematics, try to square the humble circle. Good cases in point are low income families faced with rising energy, food, water and other domestic bills while wages fall and rent increasing. That is a perennial one. For instance, how can banks lend customers money they do not have, charge interest on top of it, and then expect this boom to go on forever?

In reality, all they are doing is charging customers’ interest on their money without dipping into their own pocket. They then make money by investing the deposits on ventures they hope will generate enough interest so that they can offer a tiny share back to the customer while keeping the lion’s share for themselves.

When you break it down to this micro level, does it not surprise you why anybody ever put money into a bank? Oh yeah, they were probably trying to square the circle in the first place, by entrusting their money to institutions they deem wise and safe. Institutions they hope will be there for them when they most need help, ostensibly for things like loans or mortgages, cars and holidays. In short, gave you access to money you may have already given them in the first place.

That, to say the least, is one hell of a circle…

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