Sticking Out Like A Sore Thumb

Sometimes you find yourself sticking out like a sore thumb in circumstances and situations when you should actually be blending right in.

Sticking out like a sore thumb

Somehow, you always seem to be ‘sticking out’ at work. When your team go for group lunches at the local, everybody is happy with having meat but they frown upon (and positively bully you) to try ‘some flesh, mon’. You’ve told them a million times already but it seems like you’ve got to tell them a million times more.

Back at the office they have a cup of tea or coffee but you drink neither. Or at least not tea bags. Besides you’re not into the sharing of office cups and you just find it easier just not to have tea at work.

Sticking Out Fridays

Come close of play on Friday, they all want to go out for a Thank God It’s Friday drinky poo. But you live 200 miles away and you’d rather just drive back home and chill with your own group of friends.

You’re good at your job but you’re aware that somewhere within the workspace someone may be thinking you’re not a team player because you seem a little different or because you don’t join in without reservations, with team activities.

As an observer, what advice would you give someone in this scenario?

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