Taking A Stand

It simply isn’t enough, at times, to make your words do the talking; you also need to take a stand if you feel strongly about something.

Taking a stand.

Sometimes you have to be seen taking a stand on issues. I recognise that I have a very strong and powerful voice, one that carries authority and is listened to or followed.

When I speak on issues, it’s not usually to take a stand to polarise opinions but to basically highlight whatever issue I’m highlighting. Nevertheless, when I speak about anything I feel strongly about, that, in a sense, is taking a stand.

If you feel passionately about something you should take a stand on it otherwise what’s the point of opening your mouth to speak about it? When you take a stand on anything, whether you like it or not, your action can be read and/or is seen as a political act.

Maybe, just maybe, I need to enter the political arena and output some of my more pertinent opinions because at times I feel that writing about them or making people aware them through writing and presentation on social media, just isn’t enough.

We will have to see about this…

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