That Is Really Ill

You have blinged up cars, phones, computers, homes and even girlfriends. Why not blinged up walking sticks?

Blinged up walking sticks.

Nowadays you can bling up everything! From mobile phone covers to electric cars horn sounds! Shoes and trainers to your favourite bottles of cola. Now, you can add walking sticks, crutches and mobile mopeds to that list!

I must admit that I have mixed feelings about this last one. When I first saw an ad for’s range of blinged up medical products it did raise a snigger. But, it was a sceptical one because I was trying to imagine making fun out of being unwell or recovering.

Maybe that’s the whole point: to try and cheer people up while they are at their lowest ebb by allowing them to customise their support mechanism. This may sound far-fetched but could there be people out there willing to get injured so that they can get a blinged up crutch or walking stick? I wouldn’t have thought so but you never know.

These items do look like fun but maybe just a bit too much for the sick or temporarily disabled.

What do you think?

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