Tolerating Intolerance

Tolerating intolerance must be really hard for those intolerant of intolerance!

Tolerating intolerance

How good are you at tolerating intolerance? The views of those identified as my friends, are not mine. This is so even if they appear within the confines of space owned or rented by me. I allow my ‘friends’ to speak as openly as they see fit. At least I try. This does not mean I support their views or opinions.

It is good to understand this before we jump to conclusion about anyone. If your mind is set in such a way that you cannot understand how someone can allow “these kinds of people” to “run amok” on their space, then you cannot claim to be freethinking or a supporter of free speech. Many seem to do…

If you fill your life only with people who agree with you, then what kind of person are you? Did you say open? Did you mean closed? Were you really aiming for intolerant? If you want to appear ‘tolerant’, then you have to show and/or demonstrate that tolerance with action. Not just with what you say, but through what you do.

Vetoing Tolerating Intolerance

Vetoing people based on their ability not to offend is one thing. Trusting those people you designate as ‘friends’, to know how to operate around you, is another. If you really hate how your so-called friends behave, then change those friends. Downgrade their friend classification. Do not tolerate behaviour that is a vexation to your soul.

Then again, if you put a straight jacket around your friends, does this not make you a jailer and them a prisoner to your particular device? Moreover, why is it that you need to control the people around you? Does this not make you a little dictator? Where does this need to control everything around you come from?

Maybe, you who should check yourself and stop looking at others and deflecting your insecurities unto them.

What do you think?

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