Tupac Shakur Loves Madonna Louise Ciccone

Tupac Shakur Loves Madonna Louise Ciccone focuses on the love letter resurfacing after nearly 30 years, exposing singer Madonna’s private relationship with the late rapper Tupac Shakur.

Tupac Shakur Loves Madonna Louise Ciccone

Rapper Tupac Shakur loves Madonna Louise Ciccone. Or, at least, he did. When the late rapper Tupac Shakur decided to end his romantic relationship with singer Madonna, he was in prison serving time for sexually abusing a fan with whom he had consensual sex with a few days earlier.

He insisted he was innocent but the judge sentenced him to 1½ to 4½ years and he tearfully apologised to his victim Ayanna Jackson, insisting he had committed no crime.

Looking fully recovered from gunshot wounds suffered in a mugging a week before the trial, the 23-year-old performer used his pre-sentencing address to ruminate that his success as a rapper and film actor had perhaps caused him to lose “focus.” The rap performer, famous for his lyrics that often deal with violence and sex, then said he was leaving his fate to God.

Strictly Tupac Shakur Loves Madonna Louise Ciccone

From his three-page “strictly 4 Madonna” letter, dated January 15th, 1995 — a year and change before he was fatally shot — he apologised to Madonna for not being “the kind of friend I know I am capable of being.”

The artists dated briefly in the Nineties, though they kept it secret; in 2015, Madonna said that Shakur had riled her up before a shocking 1994 appearance on David Letterman so she was “feeling very gangster” when she said the word “f#ck” 13 times on air.

In the letter, Shakur wrote that he felt uncomfortable being seen with a white woman because he “would be letting down half of the people who made [him] what [he] thought [he] was,” whereas dating a black man would help her career. He wrote that he also took umbrage to her allegedly saying it was her job to “rehabilitate all the rappers and basketball players.”

Madonna has been fighting to keep that letter from becoming public property since then. Somehow, it became public. We don’t know exactly how but it’s a pretty good guess that someone either stole it, Madonna mislaid it and it fell into the ‘wrong hands’ or deliberately gave it away to someone who saw value in it. Either way, it eventually ended up in the possession of an auction house. They intend to sell it and is hoping to get at least $100,000 for it although they’re expecting as much as $300,000 for it.

Madonna Vogue
Singer Madonna caught in the throes of a photo clinch typical of her 1990s book Vogue. PHOTO: Griffin Lotz © 1992

I heard of this story a long while ago, while it was still happening but didn’t pay it much attention. We know that Madonna is a great lover of arts and culture so we assumed that this would follow through in her personal life too.

I can definitely remember hearing something back in the 1990s about her wanting to sign singer Junior Reid to her Maverick music label. The word on the street suggested something more juicy than a record deal was happening but I lost interest in the story. Later, we learnt that Reid did not sign with Madonna.

Some people view the sexagenarian (someone aged between 60 and 69 years old) singer, not only as someone who loves to flirt with the the devil. They go as far as describe Madonna as someone with the voracious appetite to break the Devil’s balls without dropping a bead of sweat.

Loathed Megastar

“Some loathed this classically trained dancer/DIY provocateur – a megastar peer of Prince and Michael Jackson since her 1984 blockbuster Like a Virgin – with a venom reserved for successful women forging their own path,” as Rolling Stone at the time put it. “But for her vast audience, she was nothing less than liberating, and her uninterrupted string of hits defined pop for a decade.”

They may as well be talking about her sex life. Back then in those heady, hedonistic days of the 1990s, Madonna “was as astronomically popular as a boundary-bulldozing, unapologetically bacchanalian performance artist could get,” Rolling Stone said again.

Numerous love hookups, children, marriages and other life events have not checked her appetite for life. And, she shows no signs of stopping any time soon…

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