Two Reds Against The Rest Of The World

Russia and China, two reds, seemingly unite against America and the rest of the western world.

Two Reds allies

What the bully fear are allies like the Two Reds: Russia and China. However, the thing with most bullies is that they see their ‘superior’ strength as justification of their right to be the leader of the pack. They will do anything with this might to assert this privilege. God help anyone who dares to resist.

It doesn’t matter to the bully, and their friends, whether what they are doing is wrong or not. In their world whatever they do is the right thing because they always act to pursue their own self interest. We see this very clearly in the way how America is trying to assert its power and influence over China to try and stop China from exploring and plotting its own way in the world.

Sole Leader

As far as America is concerned it should be the soul leader of that pack and everyone else bends their knees in support and be prepared to get crushed. Well, China has decided that not only will it not bend its knees to America, but it will continue its technological, economic and expansionist surge ahead. You can see how their viewpoint greatly angers the USA. Their reaction can be seen in its embargo on Huawei and anything from China.

Things will probably get worse before they get better. America thinks it’s got China against the ropes but that would be a grave mistake to underestimate China and its resources.

Two Reds Unity

It was massively significant that the western countries united around D-Day celebrations this week, with a number of leaders from many of the countries who went to war uniting in a show of unity around the event. This group even included Germany, the country they fought during the war. The great omissions from this list were Russia and China. An oversight? We think not.

If we look closely at it, this wasn’t an omission: it was a deliberate snub. Undeterred Russia and China united and had their own commemoration – just the two of them, with the respective presidents of China Xi Jinping and Russia Vladimir Putin shaking hands, showing the world regardless what it is doing, Russia and China are solid in partnership.

That is a tough message to beat.

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