When Your Website Is A Sight For Sore Eyes

Around 25% of all users will abandon a website that takes more than four seconds to load. Do you know when your website is a sight for sore eyes?

When Your Website Is A Sight For Sore Eyes

You have a great idea for a website with a view to catching sight of some advertising revenue, but do you know or care when your website is a sight for sore eyes? It’s easy to tell if the developers of these sites were not thinking about the user experience. Here’s how: when you arrive at some of these pages, as a user, you wished to God that you hadn’t.

Things pop up at you, like you’re in the tunnel of a horror ride, where the ghouls are banner after banner scaring you into clicking this or that or to subscribe to this newsletter or to like this social network page, watch this video or try out this never-to-be-repeated, fabulous offer! Meanwhile, your browser is creaking from the strain, waiting or buffering with having too many active scripts running simultaneously that it just freeze.

On certain entertainment sites that you browse in the early hours of the morning, as you land on the page music click on loudly, causing you to jump out of your seat because you had your sound at a level where any of that stuff could be heard. There’s more, much more, to having and maintaing a website online. Any fool can grab code from anywhere and pack them like sardines in a can, onto a site. If you’re not thinking about how your page will impact on users, then you’re totally missing the point.

Your site is meaningless if no one is viewing it and people won’t return if they had a bad experience the first time they visited. So why not make it easy for them by optimising your site for the web? Do your tests as a user and evaluate your entire site so that you have pages that load quick, where the JavaScript, Flash, JQuery or whatever interactive coding used, do not snarl up their system and they curse you to hell.

It’s just a thought, but one worth noting. You will know when you’re doing well when your hits increase, not because you’ve bought users through a dodgy source, but because people actually love visiting your responsive site, either by web, mobile phone, or other portable device.

If you need help or advice on how to optimise your site, contact me and I’ll be happy to advise or assist.

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