Why Do They Literally Hate Diversity?

Around 15,000 viewers complained to Ofcom that they literally hate Diversity, a talented black group, performing a Black Lives Matter-inspired piece on Britain’s Got Talent show.

Literally Hate Diversity

Why do they literally hate Diversity? These may seem like really new and interesting times, but we have been here before. We have had genuine pandemics sweeping through communities, cultures, cities and countries right across the globe.

You are probably thinking about the great plagues, measles, chicken pox, yellow fever, or even today’s Covid-19 coronavirus. I, on the other hand, am thinking about the pandemic called racism.

Nothing has been quite as divisive and deeply entrenched in Western civilisation than racism. It infects, affects and kills the dreams, aspirations and the advancement of people. Especially those whose sole ‘crimes’ are being of a dark complexion and living amongst other people who, quite literally, hate them.

Liverally Hate Diversity

The literal haters include:-

We see their hatred as it plays out in real time.

We do not have the ‘luxury’ of keeping quiet on these matters. Rosa Parks would not have won the right to sit on a bus if she had just sat there like a good little black woman. Neither would Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Marcus Garvey, Muhammad Ali or any of the other frontline freedom fighters, would have won freedoms for our community, if they had kept silent.

Ungolden Silence

In this case, silence is not golden. Your silence is a signal that you agree with the injustice, racism, discrimination and wrongdoings aimed at keeping you back.

It is your civic duty to oppose oppression. Do not let so-called educated, bright, smart or ‘society people’ tell you it is impolite to talk about racism, Black Lives Matter and discrimination. You have the right to talk about anything at all, not just about comfortable topics they can ignore.

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What’s your opinion? Do (some) people literally hate Diversity?


Diversity is a British street dance troupe formed in 2007 and based in London. They are best known for winning the 3rd series of Britain’s Got Talent in 2009, beating out Susan Boyle, in the live final.

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